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Watch Your Back!

On May 16th I woke up with excruciating lower back pain. The pain was akin to labor contractions. The intensity of the pain spread to my groin and made me feel dizzy. My chiropractor ordered a spinal MRI and the results showed that I’m now one of the 65 million Americans who suffer from back. In this case I had suffered a herniated disk.
Is this what turning 40 is going to look like?

I was lucky in that I only had one herniated disk. My chiro has a patient in his 30’s who has four herniated disks and can often not get out of bed.

The human spine is fascinating; it’s the only part of our body that is not replaceable. We can get a new nose, ear, eye/s, knee, hip, leg, arm or foot. Years ago when I was working in Westchester Country (New York), Christopher Reeve a.k.a. Superman was being wheeled into a doctor’s office in Westchester County where I also happened to be. The vision of Superman in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic due to a traumatic spinal cord injury has always stayed with me.

Bad posture, six-inch heels, obesity, squats, jumping, lifting all contribute to acute and chronic back injuries. I suspect there were several factors that lead to my one disc herniation.

Eight weeks of intense therapy has included deep tissue massage, heat, ice, stem, sonogram, and the dreaded spinal decompression machine. I’ve started core work in the gym this week.

Lower back pain is the second most common reason for medical visits. Avoid the visit all together–watch your back.