Biophysical 250 blood test

Much of the information physicians need to determine how your body is working can be found in a single drop of blood, chemical clues called biomarkers (e.g., glucose, cholesterol, metabolism, hormones, cardiovascular) provide an accurate picture of how your body is functioning.

Traditional blood chemistries taken at your annual checkup (CBC-SMA-6 and SMA-12) just scratch the surface. Enter, The Biophysical 250 test. A cutting-edge test can the can detect biomarkers in the blood for potentially dangerous diseases.
It’s touted as a powerful and effective tool that gives you a detailed look at your health. At $3,400 it’s no coincidence you probably haven’t heard of it. (Good luck on getting your HMO or the Federal government to cover it.)

Laboratory and non-laboratory tests are conducted to assess one’s risk of metabolic syndrome/disease. Metabolic disease risk factors that includes:




  • visceral abdominal fat
  • inability to process glucose
  • insulin resistance
  • hypertension
  • cardiovascular disease


If you have health insurance, ask your benefits manager or refer to your policy manual to find out if your plan covers metabolic syndrome testing.

Lab tests:

  • Glucose
  • Lipid profileC-peptide
  • Microalbumin
  • hs-CRP
  • sdLDL
  • Insulin

Non lab tests:

  • Blood pressure
  • Weight and waist circumference
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
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